Weekend Warlords begins post-production

Weekend WarlordsWith Artists’ Essentials in the can and selling well, we can now focus on finishing up our next project, Weekend Warlords. In case you haven’t been following, this is a short-subject documentary we shot in April down a long, winding road a ways outside of Warrensburg, Missouri. We spent two days and nights camping in the wilderness for Gates of Summer, a yearly Dagorhir event that is well-attended, with participants from all corners of the country. Instead of explaining the sport of Dagorhir again, I just ought to point you to these websites about the phenomena:


Dominion of the Unconquered Sun 

After a couple false-starts with faulty equipment, we’re ready to press on full-steam ahead into the editing phase. I’m feeding footage into my computer right now. Our goal is to have this finished by the next Gates of Summer event, coming up in a few months. The DVD will, naturally, be loaded with extras. 

And, as long promised, to kick off the post-production, I’ve posted a bunch of pictures from that long-lost weekend in April in a brand-new gallery. Just follow this link: Weekend Warlords gallery

You also might want to check out the articles we wrote about this last Spring here and here. Stay tuned for more info on the progress!



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  1. buster says:

    hay guys i was at gates and drove from texas to toget there. I was just wondering 2 things. 1 are yall going to be at gates 3. 2 When is weedend warlords coming out and how do I get a copy. And the man with the mead, his name is Jesus the Horribale and he is in the Army of Mordor camp in that pic thaks guys let us know when we get to see warlords!!

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