Tomorrow’s shoot

Tomorrow is the big day — we are shooting footage for the first three DVDs in the “Artists’ Essentials”: series. The ones on color. Dakota and Ryan (our PA) are coming over in the morning and we’re loading up the car for John’s “studio”: in Overland Park. Donna has arranged for a dozen people to be in the studio audience while we tape.

We’re arriving one hour earlier to set up the lights as I mentioned in a “previous article”: on our test shoot. Our goal is to start shooting by 10am, so we’ve told the studio audience to show up at 9:30. In my experience, that’s a wise thing. Here are a few other important considerations I’ve learned when planning an event like this:

1. Be sure everyone has the proper directions and at least two number to call in case they get lost.

2. Provide for adequate parking and accessible bathrooms at the shooting location.

3. Make arrangements for lunch — Jodie is graciously cooking for all of us — and have plenty of drinks on-hand for the cast and crew.

4. Set up ahead of time. Take as much equipment as possible to the site the day BEFORE the shoot. For example, Donna is bringing over all her example paintings, items, photographs, etc, tonight.

5. Always allow for more time than you think you will need. This will foil the Demons of the Unexpected.

Through proper planning, there is less tension while setting up in the morning, and it creates a relaxed atmosphere from the beginning. A relaxed atmosphere is VERY important. In anything, *impressions* are just as important as the reality of the situation. If you appear to know what you are doing, be in control, and be prepared, you effectively *are* as far as anyone else is concerned. This puts everyone on the crew, regardless of their own experience and background, in a professional mode and makes them comfortable.

In our case, we will shoot all morning and afternoon on Saturday. If all goes according to plan, we will finish all the “workshop” footage on Saturday, leaving Sunday to shoot some one-on-one transitional elements with Donna while we have everything set up. My goal is to get all the footage we will need this weekend. I’m confident that, if everyone stays focused and works together, this will be no problem.

Check back tomorrow night for some pics from the shoot and the gory details.

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