Happy Valentine’s Day

Today I am finishing up a wedding video I shot last month. How appropriate! I did hit a snag a few weeks ago, which is why it took so long. If you’re not into tech stuff, you can skip over the next paragraph.

Unfortunately, when I set up the second (stationary) camera, I decided to try a special feature called ELP mode, which is unique to Canon camcorders operating with “Micro-drive” technology. However, it would not import into my computer, claiming it was sending half-frames. I couldn’t even transfer the footage to another camcorder recording in SP mode. So I had to order another piece of equipment — “Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge”:http://www.omegamultimedia.com/products/dazzle_multimedia/hollywooddv.htm — to output the footage analog and re-digitize it so the computer would accept it. I’m happy with the Dazzle, but it was money I hadn’t planned on spending and set the project back several weeks.

Anyway, this weekend is our Artists’ Essentials shoot with Donna, and we’re all excited. Everything seems to be in order. Donna herself just returned from a workshop in Santa Fe with renewed confidence, after seeing herself onscreen — Melanie recorded her with a hand-held camera so she could check a few things.

Once the shoot is done, the real work begins: the editing and the marketing. We’re hoping to have it finished by May so that Donna can take it to a convention for our first big sales push.

If you haven’t already, do check out the Artists’ Essentials website at: “www.artistsessentials.com”:http://www.artistsessentials.com and join the mailing list to keep up to date on all the latest info!

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