Happy Holidays

I couldn’t let 2012 finish out before updating you on the latest Movie On A Stick progress.

In between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I have been smoothing our rough-cut into a not-so-rough-cut – fixing colors here, audio there, tightening up the editing throughout and generally rearranging the furniture.

Once that is complete, it’s time to add titles. That includes the beginning and ending title sequences, as well as the words that appear under each interviewee as he/she speaks. The title sequence is actually half-done already. Once the runtime is nailed down, I can get our cast and crew together to record an audio commentary track for the DVD.

Also, we have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news – It’s become crystal clear that there’s no practical way to shoehorn in our audio-free footage of the double-bacon corn dog on a stick. As the breakthrough hit of the fair this year, it was to be our climactic ending to which everything would build. It’s now going to be relegated to an extra on the DVD – cut out of the final movie entirely.

Good news – After some brainstorming with the group, we came up with an even better ending: We’re diving into to the kitchen to make our own concoction-on-a-stick and record the results.

I’m pretty excited about this idea. We will record this adventure cooking-show-style in the commercial kitchen of Pickler’s Famous (a restaurant space that I own) as soon as everyone gets back from their respective vacations in the first week of January. Randy and Katrina already have some cool ideas about what they’re going to attempt, so I’ll be sure to share with you some of that footage once we have it in the can.

I’m confident we’re making some major lemonade out of these lemons here. We’ll probably end up with a much more fun and fitting ending than we originally planned.

Until then, have a happy new year! Here’s hoping it turns out even better for you and your family.

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