Day 2: Donna’s Blog

I thought I’d turn this entry over to Donna:

This weekend was so exciting! The Red40Entertainment team is remarkable. So sharp! So professional! And wonderfully fun on top of it! Todd has impressed me from our first meeting. And continued to do so. Was great to finally meet Dakota yesterday! And Ryan. They were absolutely on top of everything! And you’ve got to remember – as creative beings as they are, they were dealing all weekend with a studio full of painters! We really got the feel of what it must be like a day or two on a movie set. Lot of hurry up and wait.

p=. !/images/44t.jpg (We brief our studio audience)! …….. !/images/45t.jpg (Our day 2 group)! …….. !/images/48t.jpg (Donna demonstrates relative color)!

We’d need to set up a still life for points I wanted to make. John Mutrux, our host and such a marvelous photographer and master of lighting, would bring out this big light and that small one and color gel after gel to get the right effect needed. Someone in our class/audience would remind me in needed to check my lipstick or pull back a stray hair. Or somehow a small white speck would manifest on my black clothing and they’d point it out!

p=. !/images/46t.jpg (Lunch on the second day)! …….. !/images/47t.jpg (Dakota and Ryan serve drinks)! ……..!/images/42t.jpg (Donna and Dakota discuss)!

It was a real team effort! I kept thinking it would have been so much better if I had not been spending the majority of the last week in New Mexico, on the go all the time, first with presenting the program for the New Mexico Pastel Society. But still – my daughter, Melanie, our graphic and web site designer – and Santa Fe resident, was able to be in Albuquerque to videotape my program. Watching it gave me some good ideas about what I wanted to do and not do for our work this weekend.

p=. !/images/49t.jpg (Two-camera setup)! …….. !/images/50t.jpg (Setup for the color mixing segment)! …….. !/images/43t.jpg (Dakota monitors the shot)!

Now Todd has a huge job ahead of him editing alllllll of this! He’s going to do a fabulous job it it, I know. It’s all so very exciting! He’s going to keep us posted!

Donna ;-}


There you have it. And thank you, Donna, for the kind words!

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