Color Grading Tutorials

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user and are just getting started with color grading – from the basic corrections to stylized looks – check out this series of tutorials that Denver Riddle graciously has provided on his Color Grading Central site.

It’s incredible how cheap and accessible color grading tools and training have become in just the last five years. Denver may one of the most generous online teachers. I’ve used his tools in several of our projects, and I’m a big fan.

Also, he has recently pushed his Facebook page as a place for filmmakers and colorists to post and give feedback on their grades. I’m surprised at how quickly people are availing themselves of this resource, and the good-natured, constructive responses they’ve been receiving. A¬†robust community is¬†forming there in short order. And it’s free!

Again, check it out if this is something you’re interested in. In my opinion, lighting is what makes or breaks your image in production; color grading is what makes or breaks your image in post.

To see what I’m talking about, here’s one of his tutorials on color balancing using nothing but FCPX’s color board:

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