Monthly Archive: September 2012

Caramel apple

Well, since all the stores have their Halloween candy out already, here’s some candy for you. Enjoy. Once again, this is rough. Your mileage (particularly with the audio) may vary.


  • Egg On A Stick Rolled in seasoned salt, this one was free!
  • Cupcake on a Stick This was my personal favorite. Cream stayed intact, and the thin layer of batter complemented the cake without overwhelming it.
  • Mushrooms on a Stick I happened to notice this one at a booth we walked by, as it was not on our original list. Score!
  • Thumbs up for mushrooms Thumbs up for mushrooms. They were soooo juicy...
  • Caramel Apple Can't beat a classic.
  • Wonder Bar An ice cream bar, covered in chocolate, rolled in nuts.
  • Man vs. Meat This was Randy's very first turkey leg. Ever.
  • All done We reviewed our last food. After four more interviews, we headed home.