Monthly Archive: March 2006

DVDs for pre-order at our NEW ONLINE STORE!

Only three short days before the Weekend Warlords documentary is released to the public! Dakota and I will be arriving at the Gates of Summer event on Saturday morning with signed, first-edition DVDs for all the participants. The rest of you can get yours by mail. The Red40 Entertainment Online Superstore is open for business. […]


A Clip from Weekend Warlords

Here you go folks — as promised, a clip from Weekend Warlords: Ultra-high quality Quicktime version (34 MB) (get this one if you can handle it!) MPEG version (18.7 MB) Low Quality Quicktime version (4 MB) Just click the link and it should open up if your browser is set up correctly. You could also […]


Still alive

It’s been a crazy week for me. I spent last week down in New Orleans, helping with hurricane cleanup. What can I say — it’s just terrible down there. So much work to be done that what WE did felt like a drop in the bucket. One guy I talked to said that if they […]