Monthly Archive: February 2006

Weekend Warlords – Genesis of a plotline

I recently gave Dakota a call and we discussed the general story arc of the documentary. Much like a news story, we really didn’t know how things would turn out until we got back with the footage in-hand. It’s a throwback to my days in radio broadcast news.  We talked about how the general story […]


Weekend Warlords Week 4

The process of separating the footage into individual clips and labeling each one gives me a chance to review exactly what we have. From a media management standpoint, it also forces the editor (me) to put the clips in some sort of organizational structure so that he can easily call up the necessary clips without […]


Weekend Warlords Week 3

Yeah, yeah, I know — you’ve been waiting two weeks for an update and you haven’t gotten one yet. Terribly sorry. Weddings to attend, work’s been busy, magic show to prepare for last week, add your excuse here. But I’m currently in the process of sorting the multitude of clips and identifying the people in […]