Monthly Archive: January 2006

Weekend Warlords – Week 1

The first stage of post-production is organizing and importing all the footage into our editing machine, a Dual 2.5 Ghz Mac G5 with Final Cut Pro. It took nearly a whole week, importing a couple hours a night, to import all the footage from 12 MiniDV tapes. That’s 12 hours worth of video, stored nicely […]


Weekend Warlords begins post-production

With Artists’ Essentials in the can and selling well, we can now focus on finishing up our next project, Weekend Warlords. In case you haven’t been following, this is a short-subject documentary we shot in April down a long, winding road a ways outside of Warrensburg, Missouri. We spent two days and nights camping in […]


Artists’ Essentials DVDs now shipping!

It’s finally finished — all three Arists’ Essentials DVDs are complete, as pictured above. I’ve shipped more than 35 sets away to our folks who have preordered, and the word coming back is overwhelmingly positive. Donna is taking them to workshops and meetings and seems to sell another set or two every time. The last […]