Monthly Archive: December 2005

King Kong

    My wife and I saw King Kong this week, and wow — what to say, what to say. Of course, I was blown away by the special effects. In the age of computer graphics, nothing seems to be a big deal anymore, but this movie did raise the bar a couple notches. And […]


Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

Well, it appears the war over the next-generation DVD format is as well as over, as most of the industry is backing Blu-Ray discs by Sony. MGM, Warner Brothers, Lions Gate, Paramount, Disney and Fox are among the movie studios supporting it, and most of the IT industry (except Microsoft) is behind it as well. […]


Great Quotes 2

"Sometimes, in the moment, you have something — an idea, a bit, a line — that you think is critical and the other person doesn’t see it that way and you feel like it never sees fruition. But in the end, when one person has reservations, I can’t think of an example where that instinct […]