Monthly Archive: July 2005

Trickery of Travelers in London Festival

Matt’s film, “Trickery of Travelers”: , will be screened at the “Portobello Film Festival”: in London. Congratulations, Matt! Be sure to check it out! Trickery of Travelers was shot in Super 8mm. While you’re on his website, be sure to check out Matt’s other projects.


Moving day

So we’ve just moved into our new house. It’s been a really, really long weekend. My parents and sister’s boyfriend spent all day Saturday packing up all our stuff in the rental truck. We didn’t imagine it would take so long. We were dreading many hours on Sunday unloading, but some friends showed up and […]


Attack of The B Movies!

Those great folks at the “Sci-Fi Channel”: are really onto something new — producing original, low-budget genre movies for their Saturday night lineup. Man, does this make sense. When you’re home alone, on a Saturday night, with nothing better to do than watch TV, wouldn’t you rather be watching something like “Mansquito”: ? Plus, it’s […]