Monthly Archive: May 2005

Movin’ right along

Bich and I spent the weekend packing for our big move to Kirksville. Actually, we’re just moving a few things for now, as our house doesn’t close for another month and a half. But we want everything in boxes so that, come July 15th, we can just pack up the U-Haul and hit the road. […]


Get your body movin’

My wife and I are packing things up and getting ready for our next big move. I accepted a position in the IT department at “Truman State University”: in Kirksville, MO. Kirksville is special to us because we both went to school there. It’s where we met and where we got married. We already know […]


DVDs now available for pre-order!

The Artists’ Essentials DVDs are now available at a special pre-order price. Go to the “Artists’ Essentials website”: to place your secure order with any major credit card. When the DVDs are released — in about a month — you will receive the first-edition copies.