Monthly Archive: March 2005

Weekend Warlords

Red40 will be on location this weekend outside of Holden, Missouri, shooting a new short-subject documentary. “Weekend Warlords” will give viewers a peek at the unique game of “Dagorhir”: Dagorhir is something truly different. The Dagorhirians stage full-scale battles straight out of Dark Age history, J.R.R. Tolkien, and other sources too numerous to mention. I’m […]


Quick red40 status update

Here’s what we’ve been doing lately and what’s coming up: *– Artists’ Essentials editing –* We amassed 12 tapes — that’s 12 hours — of footage from our shoot last month. 8 hours of footage are in the Mac, sorted, separated, and sound-synched between the two camera angles on “Final Cut Pro HD”: . Donna, […]


Ireland is first country to go 100% digital cinema

The BBC is reporting “here”: that an American company is installing digital projectors in 500 cinemas in Ireland to replace the traditional film projectors. That means the whole country is going to be outfitted, much like “George Lucas wanted a couple years ago in the USA”: with the release of “Attack of the Clones” . […]