Monthly Archive: February 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today I am finishing up a wedding video I shot last month. How appropriate! I did hit a snag a few weeks ago, which is why it took so long. If you’re not into tech stuff, you can skip over the next paragraph. Unfortunately, when I set up the second (stationary) camera, I decided to […]


MPAA crackdown

If you were in college when Napster reigned supreme (like I was), then you’ve been right in the middle of one of the hottest debates in recent history: copyright protection. I think we’re going to see major changes in US copyright law in the next decade. It started on college campuses, where almost every dorm […]


Collaboration through the internet

Dakota and I are collaborating on a script, tentatively titled “Amelia’s Ring,” for a short anthology progect we are collaborating with “Matt Eppright”: on. Although Dakota and I are good friends, we’ve been separated by distance for these last few years. Usually, the way it works is: One of us has an idea for a […]