Monthly Archive: February 2005

Day 2: Donna’s Blog

I thought I’d turn this entry over to Donna: This weekend was so exciting! The Red40Entertainment team is remarkable. So sharp! So professional! And wonderfully fun on top of it! Todd has impressed me from our first meeting. And continued to do so. Was great to finally meet Dakota yesterday! And Ryan. They were absolutely […]


Day 1: Artists’ Essentials Shoot

We have photos! Let your mouse linger over them for captions. We left my house this morning at 9:15am — about 15 minutes later than we intended. When we arrived at John’s studio, half of the studio audience was already there. We wasted no time setting up the backdrop, lights, equipment and chairs. With four […]


Tomorrow’s shoot

Tomorrow is the big day — we are shooting footage for the first three DVDs in the “Artists’ Essentials”: series. The ones on color. Dakota and Ryan (our PA) are coming over in the morning and we’re loading up the car for John’s “studio”: in Overland Park. Donna has arranged for a dozen people to […]