Monthly Archive: December 2004

Merry Muppet Christmas!

I’m in Arizona right now, spending some time with my grandparents who live in Tucson. Tomorrow we’re doing some swimming in the morning and heading out to play golf in the afternoon with my grandfather. Haven’t ever played before, so it should be pretty funny to anybody watching. Not that anyone would. I mentioned last […]


New projects in the works

Yesterday I finished meeting with one of my new clients, an artist in Kansas City named Donna Aldridge. “Donna”: is another example of working your network. I met her through a neighbor, who came to a garage sale I was helping my parents with. As I carried her purchase to my neighbor’s car — it […]


Getting it any way you can

People often ask me how we got started with this. For us, it all started with our first crummy movie, _Dumping Jenny_. Actually, it’s pretty entertaining, if I do say so myself. I directed it while I was in college, finishing up a degree in Journalism. I had just returned from an internship at Disney-MGM […]