Quick red40 status update

Here’s what we’ve been doing lately and what’s coming up:

*– Artists’ Essentials editing –*

We amassed 12 tapes — that’s 12 hours — of footage from our shoot last month. 8 hours of footage are in the Mac, sorted, separated, and sound-synched between the two camera angles on “Final Cut Pro HD”:http://www.apple.com/finalcutpro/ . Donna, Melanie and I are also well into a design for the DVD covers, which I will post next week. Based on elements from that design, I have constructed some animations and graphics for the DVD in “Motion”:http://www.apple.com/motion/ and constructed a number of titles in “LiveType”:http://www.apple.com/finalcutpro/livetype.html — these are two programs I had never used before, so I have been giving myself the crash course. There’s no better way to learn than to have a project to work on.

Three segments of the DVD are edited as of tonight – complete with the aforementioned text, animations, and a few images that Donna has sent me. I will post a clip or two on Monday after Easter with the family. The deadline crunch is already upon us — we are hoping to get this out the door by May 1st, in time for a big art convention. This means the master DVD will have to ship to the duplicator’s by mid-April. Suffice to say, we have many late nights and long weekends yet to come.

*– Mini-documentary project –*

We have a completely unrelated shoot scheduled for next weekend. It’s for a mini-documentary project we lined up last fall. More details to follow next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

*– Wedding video complete –*

Oh yes, and yesterday I completed and shipped out some wedding DVDs for a job I did in January.

Now, at 3:30am, it’s time for bed before the long drive to my wife’s family’s place for some Easter goodness.

Happy Easter everybody!

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