Moving day

So we’ve just moved into our new house. It’s been a really, really long weekend. My parents and sister’s boyfriend spent all day Saturday packing up all our stuff in the rental truck. We didn’t imagine it would take so long. We were dreading many hours on Sunday unloading, but some friends showed up and we got it completely unloaded in 20 minutes. Now, if only the boxes would unpack themselves as fast…

Needless to say, we’ve been tiring ourselves out these last few days. The great thing is that I’ll have a whole office to myself, and I plan to custom-build a desk center to house my entire editing suite. It should really boost productivity, and the surroundings will be much more inspiring with three windows in the room.

On a sad note, “Silent Page”: is calling it quits. They play their last show on July 22nd at the Ten Mile House in St. Louis. If you’re in the area, do go out and catch your last opportunity to hear this terrific band play. We’ve been working with them and featured their music in two of our movies, with terrific success. It’s apparently become too hard to keep the band together now that the guitarist is moving on.

Anyway, I have a feeling our money and time are going to be spent getting a few home essentials out of the way. On the list are:

1. New carpet for the living room and hallway
2. Taking care of a minor mold situation in three closets
3. Painting the walls and trim in the living room
4. Fixing a small leak in the tub.
5. Sealing the garage floor to kill the dog smell.

Yeah, there are a few things to do besides unpack.

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