Merry Muppet Christmas!

I’m in Arizona right now, spending some time with my grandparents who live in Tucson. Tomorrow we’re doing some swimming in the morning and heading out to play golf in the afternoon with my grandfather. Haven’t ever played before, so it should be pretty funny to anybody watching. Not that anyone would.

I mentioned last week about the importance of making connections through friends. I made a terrific new contact the day after Christmas. My family spent Christmas in Texas with my uncle, and one of his friends dropped by. Susie just got back from working on the new Muppets movie, “The Muppet Wizard of Oz.” Hadn’t even heard of it before now, but she did costume and creature design for it. She told me her last project before that one was a certain film about the Country Bear attraction in DisneyWorld, but we didn’t dwell for too long on that… 🙂

Anyway, we had a terrific chat. I asked her about her experiences working for Jim Henson and she asked about my movie projects. We exchanged information and I look forward to continuing the dialogue in cyberspace.

See, you never know who you’re going to meet or when you’re going to meet them. So, as Lloyd Kaufmann says over and over in his book, tell anyone who will listen about your great idea for a new movie!

Speaking about the Muppets, if you haven’t seen The Muppet Christmas Carol, you’re really missing out on what is arguably the last great Muppet movie of the 20th century. Although I did enjoy Muppet Treasure Island as well, but that could just be my Tim Curry bias talking…

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