Logo design

Here’s a look at our tentative logo for the DVD series. I put them on a white background:

!/images/31.jpg (draft logo)! !/images/32.jpg (black and white version)!

It may not be the final version, but this is the latest design Donna and Melanie are playing with. Logos should be simple yet instantly recognizable. They should also easily reproduce in black and white and be clear at most any size. Whenever you ask someone to explain a logo, you often get a lot of philosophical stuff that the designers were thinking about, but isn’t necessarily apparent to you. So here goes the…

??*Philosophical Stuff*??
??The spiral, reaching up, signifies the whole learning process of the artist. In Donna’s philosophy, learning is like a spiral. We struggle with a concept, or think we’ve mastered it, but eventually we find ourselves coming back to it on a higher plane — thinking about it or approaching it a different way. Or struggling with deeper issues of the concept. The spiral reaches upward, toward a higher consciouness, like the artist’s climb to master his or her art. The *Artists’* text is playful, while *Essentials* is in bold uppercase, representing a firm, solid foundation on which the artist rests. We hope our DVDs will provide this solid foundation of essentials for artists to stand on as they ever strive in their learning and self-discovery to develop their own unique style of painting/drawing/sculpting/etc.??

The logo is also modular, so we can easily add to the bottom words like “DVD SERIES” or other areas we might expand into, such as “PAINTING SUPPLIES” or “FRIED CHICKEN.”


  1. Don Foote says:

    I think it’s a good logo. The only concern I would have is how you intend to use it. If this design is for business cards, letterheads and labels, etc., it reads well. If you intend to have it on the side of a building as a sign or on a highway signboard, I’m afraid it would get lost with the fine lettering. There again, if you just plan to use it in a close environment, I think it is a very colorful and well designed piece of work.

  2. Todd says:

    Thanks, Don. I appreciate the feedback and agree with your assessment. Luckily, we anticipate using it on printed materials and packaging. No billboard plans yet, but there’s always hope… 🙂

  3. Patty Scarborough says:

    Greetings Todd – Please check to make sure the apostrophe is in the correct place in “Artists’” Shouldn’t it be between the t and the s, to indicate ownership by the artist? Otherwise, it’s lovely.
    I’m a devoted student of Donna’s and wish her ridiculus success! Thanks for helping her reach her goals.

  4. Todd says:

    Actually, Patty, the apostrophe is after the ’s’ to denote ownership by many artists.

    I love working with Donna because she’s such a wonderful “human,” as she likes to say, and has a wide circle of very supportive friends. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Bill Truslove says:

    The logo looks fine, a real eye-catcher, can’t wait to see Donna’s DVD. She has been a great inspiration to me whilst I was developing my art career and founding the Pastel Artists of South Australia.

    Bill Truslove

  6. Patty Scarborough says:

    Well, of course. As I read it, I kept saying “The” before “Artists’ Essentials”. One day I’ll learn to string words together to make complete sentences! Thanks for your patience.

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