Artists’ Essentials Update

The work is coming to an end, and so is our pre-release offer. As of November 1st, we will release and begin selling the Artists’ Essentials DVDs at full price. Soooo, get them while they’re hot! Pull out your credit card and head over to to snatch up a full set at a whole $30 off the retail price! The Pre-release orders have been flowing in.

You may still order the Set at the Pre-release Discount of $149.95 through October 31, 2005.  Beginning November 1, 2005 the price for the Set will be $159.95 plus shipping of $5.50 in the USA.  Single Volumes are $59.95 plus shipping.

Order through:


or mail checks with shipping address, phone and email address to:

            Artists’ Essentials / Donna Aldridge
            7503 West 54th Terrace
           Overland Park, KS  66202-1127

We’ve had wonderful feedback from those who have had previews of the rough cuts in September. Here is one comment we recently received.

After watching your new 3 DVD set I felt like it had covered essential information not covered in other artist videos I had seen. Instead of just showing us how to paint one or two paintings, it helps us with every piece of art that we will ever do again.

It does this by teaching us how to see better and really bring out the color in our subject better. The information about the different colors of cast shadows was very  informative. I have taught quite a few classes myself and I noticed the problems students were having continuously were the ones artists were taught to solve in the video.

I also appreciate the professional job of video-taping. Not once was I frustrated because I was unable to see the illustrations because the camera was not zoomed in enough to see well.

The way you explain things is a beautiful use of the English language. Your use of illustrations to help us understand what you mean is excellent. I have never heard these abstract concepts explained in such an easy to understand way. Good job Donna!! I will watch the videos over and over!!

         — Audrey Lechuga, Award-winning Fine Artist, Colorado, USA

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