Monthly Archive: March 2005

Nobody Wants Your Film

I ran across an interesting website, thanks to the magic of Google Adwords. Not interesting, as in *good* but interesting as in *debatable*: “”: It appears this guy has made a behind-the-scenes movie on an independent feature and is trying to get some financing for distribution. I like the title, I like the minimalist white-on-black […]



I’ve been sitting on this bit of news for two months until everything was finished and definite. Now I can finally share our excitement. Two scenes from Rock Paper Scissors will be featured on a DVD of companion exercises for a Humanities textbook, published by the mammoth “McGraw-Hill Publishing”: this year. The DVD comes free […]


The Incredibles DVD

I love DVDs that provide lots of bang for the buck. I mean a good movie, loaded with extra features, commentary tracks, outtakes, and behind the scenes footage. Look no further than “The Incredibles”: DVD coming out March 15th. My sister works for Blockbuster, so I often get to check out DVDs like this before […]